Tuesday, October 9th at 20:15 pm
Wennekerpand Theatre, Vijgensteeg 2 Schiedam
Tickets via: theater aan de Schie

‘Dans in Ontwikkeling’ (DinO) is a project by Liat Magnezy (DanceMotionPicture), in collaboration with Theater aan de Schie, with the aim to create a supportive platform for beginning dance artists in their first steps of becoming independent professional choreographers. This platform provides both the guidance and facilities for a dance maker to create a new dance performance and the stage to present it. In addition to this newly made performance we program another existing piece by beginning professional choreographer.

In the context of DinO 4, Liat Magnezy presents two new performances by young makers. The connection between these two performances is foremost the connections they seek in their scenography between dance and the visual arts. 


A performance by the Lithuanian/Columbian choreographer and video artist Laivie Ochoa. In her choreographic work she uses many cinematographically derived technics. She is interested in forms that bring real and virtual presences come together on stage. Content wise Laisvie, from a feminist perspective, gives form to a strong female based univers. She is mainly inspired by young women who speak up for social change. In her work these voices are singled out and emphasized.

At the moment, Laisvie is doing an MA in choreography at Codarts Rotterdam and Fontys in Tilburg.
Concept and choreography: Laisvie Andrea Ochoa Gaevska. Dance: Alice Gioria, Giorgia Belotti, Ewa Sikorska.

Die Verwandlung.

The metamorphosis, explores the tumult and agitation of a body in transformation. This poetic and timeless performance presents the transformation of an abstract entity towards a character with many faces. Dancers give life to survival covers which take a multiplicity of forms and become a narrative vector. Die Verwandlung relates to the mutations and transformation that the human being can undergo due to life obstacles.

For this performance Sophie Mayeux received the IT’s choreography award 2016.
Concept and choreography: Sophie Mayeux.
Dance: Sophie Mayeux and Simon Caillaud.