Dans in Ontwikkeling # 5

Tuesday, February 26th at 20:15 pm
Wennekerpand Theatre, Vijgensteeg 2 Schiedam
Tickets via: Theater aan Schie

Dans in Ontwikkeling is a project by artistic leader Liat Magnezy, in collaboration with Theater aan de Schie, with the aim to create a supportive platform for beginning dance artists in their first steps of becoming independent professional choreographers. This platform provides both the guidance and facilities for a dance maker to create a new dance performance and the stage to present it. In addition to this newly made performance Magnezy programs another existing piece by beginning professional choreographer.

In the context of this dance program, Magnezy presents two new duets that extremely differ of each other in the way the two dancers are relating to each other dealing with issues of connectivity, proximity and manipulation.


Un(attached) is a movement research for two dancers, where ‘threading’ plays a central role. ‘Threading’ is a concept originated in the urban scene. It is a movement language were two different body parts create an opening in which a third part disappears. Using this language, he tells in a subtle way the abstract and poetical story of the open, but still connected relationship between two characters.

Concept and choreography: Justin de Jager.

Performers: Astrid Klein Haneveld and Justin de Jager.

Production: Dance Motion Picture. 

‘What if…’

‘What if…’ is a duet that is starting with an active observer, who triggers a series of actions from another performer by using methods of classical conditioning. From that moment on, we follow a psychological journey of an individual that fills up the space with unspoken words and association.

Concept and choreography: Daniela Cruz.

Performers: Angela Diaz Quintela and Daniela Cruz.

Made possible by: ‘Support for International Circulation’/’Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian’