DinO / Dans in Ontwikkeling

Tuesday, March 6th at 20:15 hours
Wennekerpand Theatre, Vijgensteeg 2 Schiedam
Tickets via: Theater aan De Schie

‘Dans in Ontwikkeling’ (Dino) initiated by Liat Magnezy, with the aim to create a supportive platform for beginning dance artists in their first steps of becoming independent professional choreographers. The project is organized in collaboration with Theater aan de Schie. Liat Magnezy and the organization of DanceMotionPicture wants to make an attribution to the rejuvenation and diversity of the dance culture in the Netherlands by providing a residency program that involves the makers step by step through all production phases. In this context Liat Magnezy, presents two performances by new, young dance makers. Relationships, between co-creators and their personal or professional affinities is what connect these two performances.

‘Thank you for being here’ by Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen and Leon Emil Franzke is a statement made between two performers. Homage to each other for the time, space and intimacy they share with each other and with their audience.  Together they are forming NEON Collective. In this new work they are going to research their personal heritage. They trace back and reflect upon their family roots and reflect with the aim to understand better whom they are, how they got here and where they want to go. ‘Thank you for being here’ is also a tribute to all the people they carry in their DNA.

Performers: Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen en Leon Emil Franzke.

‘Engel’ by Kim-Jomi Fischer and Marta Alstadsæter, winner of the BNG Bank Dansprijs 2018, is a performance that shows the daily inner battle of every human being. Two performers, an acrobat and a dancer, are intertwined in a physical dialog, where body weight, momentum and direction are mingled up. They were inspired of the book ‘Stof dat als een meisje’ by the Dutch poet Toon Tellegen. In this book he describes a continue battle of a man who is attacked by an angel.

Performers: Kim-Jomi Fischer en Marta Alstadsæter.