DinO / Dans in Ontwikkeling

Tuesday, May 15th at 20:15 pm
Wennekerpand Theatre, Vijgensteeg 2 Schiedam
Tickets via: Theater Aan De Schie

Dans in Ontwikkeling’ (DinO) initiated by Liat Magnezy, with the aim to create a supportive platform for beginning dance artists in their first steps of becoming independent professional choreographers. The project is organized in collaboration with Theater aan de Schie. Liat Magnezy and the organization of Dance Motion Picture wants to make a contribution to the rejuvenation and diversity of the dance culture in the Netherlands by providing a residency program that guides the makers step by step through all production phases. In the context of DinO, Liat Magnezy presents two new performances by young dance makers. The concept of border is the binding factor between the two performances.

The other land behind the mountain

“When I realized that I probably would never be able to visit the land where my mother was born due to the line that is drawn between my land and her land, I started thinking about borders in general.” ‘The other land behind the mountain’ is a performance by Daniel Barkan about the phenomenon of borders, inspired by the, for the maker, unbridgeable border between Israel and Lebanon. There are many different kinds of borders, natural borders between land and water, the edges of buildings, the borders of our bodies and what about the borders of our thoughts? The performance researches the different meanings and understandings of borders and the way we deal with them.

Concept and performance: Daniel Barkan (artist in residency)


‘Per-sona’ is the Dutch premiere of a concert/performance for voices of the body and bodies of the voice by Katarzyna Sitarz. The performance alternates constantly between the (in)visible and the (un)hearable, from the material to the immaterial. It listens attentively to the sound of the voice and builds a sonic signature of the body only to diffuse it and change it completely. For the performer the voice is an extension of the body, she penetrates spaces and resonates emotionally and Affective. The voice is a force, which looks for the borders between inside and out, between the private and the public.

Concept and performance: Katarzyna Sitarz

Produced by Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk in the frame of Solo Project Plus 2016