Dans in Ontwikkeling #6

Tuesday, 30 April 2019 | 20:15

Wennekerpand, Vijgensteeg 2, Schiedam

Tickets:  Theater aan de Schie

Dans in Ontwikkeling is a platform, initiated by Liat Magnezy, which facilitates the work of beginning dance makers; offering studio space, coaching and a stage to realize a new dance performance. Next to that Magnezy programs an existing piece by a young choreographer. In this way, she makes a contribution to the diversity of the dance culture in the Netherlands. Dans in Ontwikkeling is made possible by the Gemeente Schiedam and Theater aan de Schie.

In the context of this dance program, Magnezy presents the following two performances:

‘As far as thin air’ is a performance about how we indicate and recognize personal space and how we deal with it. We live in an age wherein the notion of inappropriate behaviour is found in newspapers just about every day. The guarding of our personal space, but also of the space of others, is almost a day job. Everybody knows that uneasy feeling in a crowded elevator where we are standing literally centimeters apart. But the same feeling of uneasiness comes up on a half empty beach when the five-meter line is crossed.  Recognizing what an appropriate distance is, is dependent on a feeling that isn’t the same for everybody in every situation. Women in general have different feelings about this than men. In a society in which we are looking for equality between the sexes we need to think about our own borders as well as those of others. How do we accomplish this?

Concept and choreography: Emma Evelein and Lucien Denny                                                   Dance: Emma Evelein and Lucien Denny 

‘NOTE TO SELF’ (excerpt) is a performance about the struggle between the ongoing daily-life rush and the urge to grasp moments of silence. An inviting dialogue between the dancers (and the audience) in a landscape full of post-its, one-liners and compelling beats. Living in a high performance society, bombarded with information and unlimited choices, we constantly push our boundaries and fear of what might happen if we stand still … how do we deal with this pressure?

Concept & choreography: Sanne Clifford & Co.                                                                              Dance: Fabiana Carchesio, Fernando Oliveira & Mayke van Veldhuizen

Made possible by AFK and NORMA