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Mind the Road

“Is it possible to see yourself through the eyes of somebody else?”

Mind the Road is a performance with two dancers and live recorded and manipulated film projections.  Psychotherapy in its widest sense forms the inspiration for the performance which goal it is to research the changes in perspective in human relations. The piece asks questions as how does empathy work and is it possible to see yourself through the eyes of somebody else?

The dancers are supported by partly live-recorded video images. These images are recorded by mini cameras, which are connected to their body on eye level and are projected by mobile beamer.

In seven chapters of approximately seven minutes and driven by especially composed music we see an esthetic representation of the pitfalls, triumphs and conflicts that come along with the therapeutic conversation. Every chapter gives in a theatrical way form to forgotten and sometimes displaced memories and dreams which lay at the root of human behavior in the here and now.

Choreography: Liat Magnezy (NL/IL).

Dance: Reut Aviran (NL/IL) & Suzana Gomes (NL/BR).

Film/media: Joost van Veen (NL).

Music: Petar Dundakov (BG).

Dramaturgy: Hans Timmerman (NL).

Production: Stichting Dance Motion Picture.

Supported by: stichting Volkskracht, Gemeente Schiedam, Gemeente Rotterdam, Amsterdam fonds voor de Kunst, Deltaport donatiefonds and Kunstenisrael.

Special thanks to Glenn Westphal (NDS) and Maya Arad.