Object Love

“When Narcissus died the pool of his pleasure changed from a cup of sweet waters into a cup of salt tears, and the Oreads came weeping through the woodland that they might sing to the pool and give it comfort.” Oscar Wild


The starting point for this work was ‘The Disciple’ by Oscar Wild telling the mythological story of narcissus and his love relations to his own reflection. Reviling our need to be loved, recognized, accepted and understood. Studying the text from a psychological view of the narcissus personality disorder introduced images and ideas, staged in ‘Object Love’.


Concept and choreography: Liat Magnezy
Performer: Daniela Cruz
Music: Origem and Metamorfose by Miguel Azguime & Spectre by Kronos Quartet
Costume design: morVEyos
Video: Liat Magnezy
Production: Dansateliers (2008)
Duration: 20 min.


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