Mind the Road

Mind the Road is a multimedia performance for two dancers and video projections. Psychotherapy in it’s widest form is the inspiration for the performance, which goal is to research changes in perspective in human relations. The piece is dealing with questions such as how does empathy work and is it possible to see yourself through the eyes of somebody else? The dancers are supported by live recorded video images captured by mini-cameras that are attached to their body on eye level.

Choreographer, Liat Magnezy, externalized and gave life to the most internal dynamics of the therapy scene. From the first moment I felt restless, excited and hypnotized. It touched me as a human being and confronted me with how I am in contact with others and what is intimacy for me. Most important, it clashed into my reality of being a therapist.” (Dr. Motti Cohen / Psychotherapist)


Choreography: Liat Magnezy (NL/IL) | Dance: Reut Aviran (NL/IL) & Suzana Gomes (NL/BR) | Film: Joost van Veen (NL) | Music: Petar Dundakov (BG) | Dramaturgy: Hans Timmerman (NL) | Lights: Paul van Laak (NL) | Costumes: Myrthel Jackson (NL) | Production: Stichting Dance Motion Picture-Rob Holmer.

Supported by: stichting Volkskracht, Gemeente Schiedam, Gemeente Rotterdam, Amsterdam fonds voor de Kunst, Deltaport donatiefonds and KUNSTENISRAËL. Special thanks to Glenn Westphal (NDS), Sandor Van Dorp and Maya Arad.

Previous performances:

25, 26 September 2015 – Location: Oostblok theatre, Amsterdam.

15 October 2015 – preview performance – Location: Wennekerpand theatre, Schiedam.

23 October 2015 – Location: Ruimte in Beweging, Schiedam.

14 November 2015 – Location: Crea theater, Amsterdam

20 November 2015 – Location: Rotterdamse Schouwburg

19 June 2016 – Location: Korzo Theatre, Den Haag

11 January 2017 – Location: Wennekerpand, Schiedam / Theatre aan de Schie