(h) OOGstraat

“the perfect flaneur is a passionate observer”

(free translation to Charles Baudelaire).

(h) OOGstraat is a performance on location by Liat Magnezy) the project takes place in and around the many shop windows on the Hoogstraat in Schiedam. Just like so many Dutch high streets, the Hoogstraat used to have, next to its commercial function, an important social function. The street was used to “flaneren”, the walking about to see and to be seen. The performance wants to reinstate this function of old. By seducing the audience to move from one scene to another it is possible to see and experience the performance in a walk of approximately one hour. The dancers and musicians move as independent individuals through the street and have frequent meetings which deliver intriguing dance scenes. The audience isn’t a static group of consumers but active group observers who are part of the performance without taking part in it.

Performance dates: September 1, 2, 8, 9.  Time 13:00 & 16:00.

The  dance performance is FREE of charge