Bird’s Echo


“…generating energy that is passing through, shifting and rebounding like the butterfly effect; creating crossing points in which the need for communication arises and reminding us of the small village we live in”.

Bird’s Echo is a multidisciplinary site specific performance. Set for the first time in Schiedam housing block soon to be demolished, as a migrating performance for five dancers, two musicians, one singer and moving film images. Migrating birds is the starting point and the main theme of the performance. Birds like humans travelling through space and time singing, dancing and creating lively, mystical relations. In Bird’s Echo both public and performers travel trough different areas of the location; like the houses, gardens and connecting spaces.


Concept and choreography: Liat Magnezy
Music: Petar Dundakov
Film maker: Joost van Veen
Performers: Daniela Cruz, Anka Majcher, Karol Tyminski, Katarzyna Sitarz, Fernando Pohl
Singer: Maria Todorova
Percussionist: Wieland Möller
Cello: Jacqueline Hamelink
Dramaturgy: Hans Timmerman

Costumes: Myrthel Jackson
Production: DanceMotionPicture (2010)

Duration: 50 min.


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