And she was…


And she was… is experimenting with the idea of time traveling in a live performance, in which a story is being told in it’s non-chronological order. The story line reveals a too close, intensive relationship of a male and female that is being intruded by a second male. The triangle relationship is leading into a tragic end.

This work has won the ‘Scapino Production Prize’ at the 19th International Competition for Choreography in Hannover.


Concept and choreography: Liat Magnezy
Performers: Kim Fischer, Konrad Szymanski and Milou Nuijens
Music: Hugo Verweij
Dramaturge: Maaike Reijntjes and Bibiane Roos
Set & Costume design: Liat Magnezy
Light design: Liat Magnezy
Production: Rotterdam Dance Academy (2004)
Duration: 12 min.


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